Since Edo period, now it's the 10th, the atelier which specializes in making 茶の湯釜 Iron Tea Pot and 鉄瓶 Iron Kettle.
In order to keeping excellent quality, even now, all works are handmade and the works are supported by only a few workers.

清光堂 Seikodo is the atelier since Edo period.

Beginning of the present Seikodo started from a small casting workshop by the 1st maker, 喜六 Kiroku in later Edo period in Domachi, Yamagata-city where have flourished with casting industry.
Later on, the technique was passed down to the descendant, the 6th 徳太郎 Tokutaro who was good at making 羽広鉄瓶 Habiro Iron Kettle named the workshop Seikodo.
The 7th 善太郎 Zentaro who was highly named for making Iron Tea Pot and Iron Kettle.
After World War II, the 8th 清光 Seiko established the base of Seikodo which specialized in making Iron Tea Pot with his great technique and his artistic talent.
Now the 9th 旺光 Oko and the 10th 琢実 Takumi are following in the footsteps of the ancestors to devote all their energy in making as a specialized atelier of Iron Tea Pot and Iron Kettle that are filled with service.
茶道 Chado is one of the Japanese traditional culture.
Since holding 茶事 Tea Party itself expresses only to place 釜 Iron Pot in a tea room, the most important tool is Iron Tea Pot.
It said that Iron Tea Pot works on behalf of a host in a tea room because of its presence, even after the host left, it is still in the hearth and communicates with guests.
Enjoy the Japanese traditional beauty, 山形鋳物 Yamagata casting world.

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清光堂 作者
清光堂 作者
清光堂 九代目 佐藤旺光

The 9th 佐藤旺光

Ouko Sato

Oko Sato was born in 1945 as the eldest son of the 8th 佐藤 清光 Seiko Sato who was the founder of Yamagata Domachi casting industry. In 1967, after graduating from Takushoku University of Commerce, he started working in family business.
He learned the technique to cast 茶の湯釜 Iron Tea Pot from the Casting Expert, his father, Seiko. He studied under the Casting Expert 根来 茂晶 Sigeaki Negoro who lived in Yokohama-city.
He is a member of Japan Kogei Association, he created great number of modern dignified arts.
He received Japan Koggei Aword and so on.
He has learned 茶道 A Way of Tea himself.
Leaning through A Way of Tea, he reflects 詫び, 寂び Humble Mind into making Iron Tea Pot.
清光堂 十代目 佐藤琢実 Takumi Sato

The 10th 佐藤琢実

Takumi Sato

Takumi Sato was born in 1974 as the second son of the 9th Oko Sato who is a father of Yamagata Domachi casting industry. In 1997, after studying abroad, he graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design of Sculpture.
Learning under his father, Oko Sato about the technique to castIron Tea Pot, He studied under the Casting Expert 根来 茂晶 Sigeaki Negoro who lived in Yokohama-city.
In 2003, in Fukushima prf., Tottori prf. and Hiroshima prf., he held “the Father and Son of the 3th Iron Tea Pot exhibition”, in 2007, at Shinjyuku Mistukoshi department store, “the Combination of A Way of Tea”, at Nihonbashi Mistukoshi department store, “the Combination of the tools of A Way of Tea”.
In 2011, he made “IRONY”, designed by a product designer, 黒川 雅之 Masayuki Kurokawa.
In 2012, his works were exhibited in “Milano Salone” in Italy and in “K-Ehibition” in NY.
Now he starts silverworking.